Essay On Closing The Border

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Closing the border has its benefits and its problems, but each way could be explained in different ways from different people. Some immigrants could explain why closing is good or bad and some americans could do the same. Not closing the border would mean that americans would be able to still work as they do without having to worry about someone taking their job due to immigration. Closing the border is a bad idea because immigrants take american jobs, risk of terrorism, puts the government in stress for resources, and most importantly they overpopulate America. Taking American jobs is something that is not wanted by the people whose jobs are being taken, but also causes problems for the workforce. Immigrants will work for a lower price than most Americans which is causing business’ to lay off workers because they found someone to work cheaper. Working cheaper does not mean better quality or a harder working person. Working at a lower wage means lower taxes that the immigrants have to pay which is a burden to the government. The reason for lower taxes is because they're not a citizen so they have to find small jobs that are…show more content…
If the government closes the border this gives them more access and an easier time to come in and cause havoc. Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. So if the immigrants come in and they are unlawfully doing this to take what they want and not go through the process of doing it correctly. This is why it's called immigration, yes, there is legal and illegal immigration, but the immigration happening due to the border being up is illegal. In 2015, 242,456 immigrants were deported back to Mexico. If we keep allowing immigration across the border pretty soon the government is going to be paying more money to support the immigrants instead of the legal
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