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Endangered Species: The Clouded Leopard
What is so important about any endangered species? Why is it so important to the economy if a endangered species goes extinct at all? There are so many species that are not well known or not known at all in today’s world. So many species today contribute to the environment and many people don’t actually know that they are contributing. Due to this many of these helpers are going extinct without people aiding these creatures. The species called Clouded Leopard is one of those endangered species that many people don’t really know about, or sometimes don’t care about. This essay may convince people to change their mind by the end of it. The clouded leopard is near extinction, and if we do not do anything to help it, it will not exist any more.
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The main reason is Illegal hunting and poaching. Due to its beautiful, pale, cloud-like pelt, hunters for many years sought after it. Poachers would pursue this rare animal for its bones and pelt. Their bones have good medicinal properties, so it sold well. They have been poached for meat in exotic dishes, and sold as live animals for pet trade, living in sometimes harsh conditions. These hunters and poachers are the true reason that this animal is nearly extinct. These animals interact with humans in usually two ways. Since they are not very social creatures they are rather shy. That still does not mean they are not dangerous. They can be kept as pets in some areas. This is mostly done illegally by poachers, but in some cases professionals keep these beautiful creatures as pets. Another way they interact with us is when scientists study them, the clouded leopard will sometimes play with people by hooking their claws on to them and dangling them upside down, from only one leg,. Though some probably wanted dinner, and others just wanted to play. They are extremely sensitive to human

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