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Clouds is one of the scenery that can be seen by every person in earth. The clouds are a combination of water vapor or ice with dust that settled in the atmosphere. The droplets are very small and the diameter of the droplets is about a hundredth millimeter. Some cloud may create an attractive view on human eyes. However, did you know how cloud form? Basically, there are various type factors that help to form a clouds and each of these will create different type of clouds. Firstly, clouds form due to the amount of water in the air have increased. This circumstance also knew as evaporation. The evaporation happened in a situation which the sun lights radiate the oceans, lakes, ponds, rivers and other watery areas. The sun light will increase…show more content…
What is convergence? Convergence is the location where the streams of air will collide with each other, due to the different flowing direction. The collided between this two streams of air will force it to rise upwards. The air that is rising upwards will expose to low temperature and low air pressure, it will lead in form clouds. In sum, these combinations will create clouds that know as cumulus and cause rainy days. Lastly, turbulence. The most common type of turbulence that exist in our atmosphere is called convective turbulence, it develops with rising mass of air. In a circumstance, that the sun ray energy is absorbed by the earth’s surface, it will form a heat energy. Next, the heat energy will be absorbed by a mass of air and cause it to expand and create a current that will move upwards to atmosphere. The current or wind speed with the combination of height will create turbulence eddies in the air. In this circumstance, the cools air and water vapor will confront with condensing process that later will lead to formation of clouds. Clearly, there are many ways on how clouds are formed. Normally, every different method will create a different types of clouds, size, and texture. However, the process on formation of clouds is almost the same for every method. To form a clouds, this low temperature and low air pressure must exist on the atmosphere to help the formation of
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