The Coastal Environment

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General Introduction
The coastal environment is a complex ecosystem mainly partial by physical, chemical and biological processes. This ecosystem is susceptible to the accompaniments of biodegradable and persistent toxic compounds from a variety of sources. Usual monitoring of sea water excellence particularly in the coastal area is necessary to exemplify the changes in the ecosystem and its habitats, since coastal areas are responsive surroundings (Morris, et al., 1995). Coastal zones are subjected to a selection of socio- economic activities, producing greater than before pressures and impacts, which can lead to ecosystem stress or even affect public health (Herut et al., 1999; Cave et al., 2003; Belzunce et al., 2004) and also facing many
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There are number of natural processes in the sea that help to keep the environment with no stress but in extreme cases, the consequence would be very serious. Physico-chemical properties of the coastal ecosystem play a necessary role in continued existence of aquatic habitats. Among the coastal ecosystem, marine is a original environment and valued for socioeconomic growth and also for human health. The fast growth of human populations and profitable industries add important impact over the marine area and nearby estuaries (Muduli et al., 2010). These situations have generated immense force on this environment, resulting in a reduce of water quality and biodiversity loss (Herrera-Silveira and Morales-Ojeda,). In new past, the defense and conservation of the oceanic situation since a primary goal for the worldwide community and significant results have been achieved in devious the sources of marine pollution (Frank,…show more content…
because a lot of of the heavy metals are toxic, non-degradable in the environment, their contagion in the sediments create environmental danger to marine ecosystem (Garcia et al.,2008). Such contamination cause harsh unfavorable organic property, also create diseases in place and animal class, leads to defeat or alteration of home (Lamb et al., 1991). When these poisonous metals are in use up by marine organisms, they are with no problem transferred into the different trophic levels, which might be eventually have crash on humans via use of impure seafood (Bryan et al.,

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