Coastal Erosion Essay

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Coastal erosion is a very important issue that must be studied due to the fact that it can cause a lot of change in the land and communities of coastal cities or countries, and islands such as England and Ireland, these changes can cause a lot of trouble within a community that is located on the area or even on the land itself. There are four types of coastal erosion but for the moment only the most common one will be discussed, this is Hydraulic Action which is a process that involves the water and waves hitting against the coast which causes the waves to enter cracks and compress the air inside. When the wave retreats back into the sea, the air which was compressed inside the cracks quickly expands causing the coast to slowly wear away, the…show more content…
'Bournemouth Vs Barton On Sea Coastal Defence Management - GCSE Geography - Marked By Teachers.Com '. N. p., 2015. Web. 15 Apr. 2015.
The source is from a website which teaches students about various subjects, one of them being Geography. This source is a GCSE level essay on coastal defense management between Bournemouth and Barton-on-sea. The name of the author is not given as well as the date of creation, although it is mentioned after the essay is finished that it was a piece of work written by a student of the website. The website is a learning site where students can sign up and learn about different subjects as well as submitting essays.
Like the first source, the purpose of this source is to educate the audience (students) about the various topics on the website. The website has the following levels, GCSE, AS and A levels, International Baccalaureate, and University Degree.
From the fact that there is GCSE, A levels and University Degree levels on this website it adds to the value of the source as in order to have these levels the source must be very reliable. A number of 1.2 million students have joined which shows that the website does have valuable information and teaches reliable lessons. The source also gives valuable information on soft engineering techniques used at Barton-on-sea including costs, and hard engineering techniques used at Bournemouth including costs while also giving an explanation on why the two use different coastal defense

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