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Chien Phan-Nguyen Freshman Composition 1101 Sec 30 1/27/2018
Coca-Cola Advertisement This Coca-Cola advertisement implies that you will feel a cool and refreshing sensation when you drink Coca-Cola. The rain pouring in the background delivers a calm and soothing vibe to the viewers. Rain is used to symbolize the tone of a setting or an emotion. Usually, rain would make you feel sad and depressing, but since the lighting in the back is bright and it's illuminating the rain kind of makes you feel happy and relaxed in a way. The way that the advertise uses the lighting shows us that even on the boring and rainy days, your day will always light up when you drink a bottle of Coca-Cola. The use of the umbrella was a great way to create more
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The model's face displays a moment of satisfaction and relaxation upon taking a sip of the Coca-Cola. She's not a celebrity because they want to convey to us that even normal people like us can have this kind of feeling of satisfaction and that we can relate to when drinking Coca-Cola. I think they chose a person with Asian ethnicity to be a model for this advertisement is to emphasize on the fact that the color red represents luck and fortune in Asian culture and since the person in the advertisement is Asian, they made it clear as to what the color red that is surrounding the model could also represent. The way she is wearing her jean shirt, with her collar up, provides us with a sense of her being chill and relaxed. The model's hair is styled to look like she just got out of the shower or in this case, a rain shower. This is used to symbolize the refreshing taste of drinking Coca-Cola. In the advertisement, the model is standing in the middle of what appears to be traffic. The fact that the model isn't in a car signifies the fact that she is special and isn't doing what everyone else is doing. She is the only one drinking the Coca-Cola which shows us that drinking the beverage will make you stand out in a good

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