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Coca Cola – advertisements that can change the world. We live in the endlessly developing world. Modern technologies are inevitably influence on our lives. Today we are surrounded by bright and colorful banners which advertise us different products. Some of them we like, some of them we hate. But without a doubt, almost everyone likes Coke’s ads. In New Year they bring us the Christmas spirit and in summer they encourage us to hang out with friends. And, of course, they persuade us to drink Cola. Nevertheless, it was interesting for me to search about Coca Cola’s ads and share some information about it. Firstly, slogans. Throughout the years, the slogans used in advertising for Coca- Cola have reflected not only the brand,…show more content…
Later, in 1904, it was changed for more catchy one “Delicious and Refreshing”. Referring to non-alcoholic laws in USA in 1906, Coke’s slogan was “The Great National Temperance Beverage”. Slogans of 1917 “Three Million a Day” and 1925 “Six Million a Day” shows us the popularity of this soft drink . It’s interesting to know that by 1997 the amount of consumption became more than a billon per day. The establish of the new Cola in 1985 leaded to introducing more then one slogan. In that year they both use the same slogan “We've Got a Taste for You” but in 1986 slogan for classic Cola was “Red, White & You” while for the main one was “Catch the wave”. The latest official slogan of Coke is “Make it Happy”. As for Russian ads the first ever slogan was produced in 1993 “Всегда Coca Cola”. The latest one is “Вливайся”. So through the slogans we can see that the development of such ads was based on two ways – interacting with buyer and basing on today’s life. Secondly, posters, banners. From 1889 to 1920 the posters was covered by picture of woman who drinks Coca Cola in a small glass. And, of course, the price 5 cents was the symbol of quality and availability of product. But from 1920 till 1927

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