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Cocoa has been a key contributor to the economic development of Ghana. This has led some researchers to find out the effects of some factors on the cocoa production and income of cocoa producers. For instance, findings of a research carried out by Fadipe et al. (2012) showed a positive relationship between cocoa output and farm size and access to finance in Nigeria. Vigner emphasized that an increase in farm land dedicated to cocoa has high chances of increasing output. In addition, a study out carried by Aneani and Ofori-Frimpong shows that spraying fungicides against black pod disease, frequency of weeding cocoa farms, and area of cocoa farm have significant impact on cocoa yield in Ghana. Abdulai and Rieder (1995) found out that the supply of cocoa is a positive relationship with real world price and producer price of cocoa.
These researchers has however fail to address the impact of trade on welfare of cocoa producer using theories such as the Ricardo Theory. This paper is therefore directed towards filling this gap. In this paper, cocoa production its pricing both locally and international is addressed. The Ricardian model is also used to determine the effects of exporting cocoa on wages of workers in
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The crop contributes about 30% to export revenue and 8.7% to the GDP of Ghana (Darkwah and Verter, 2014). The significant contribution of cocoa production to the economic development of Ghana cannot be denied. It has provided employment for over 60% people in the agricultural sector and about six million people (25 – 30 percent of the population) depends on the cocoa sector (Anthonio and Aikins, 2009) for survival. Apart from the direct employment of people into actual production of cocoa, revenue government gets from exporting cocoa beans is being used to undertake developmental projects which leaves income in the hands of other people such as constructors, masons and many

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