Essay On Code Of Practice In Health And Social Care

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The putting into practice of legislations, policies, regulations and codes of practice that are appropriate to own work in health and social care is The Code of Practice for Social Care Workers (General Social Care Council, 2002). The code of practice related to career is the code of practice for social workers September 2002. In fact, The Code of Practice for Social Care Workers is a list full of reports that outline the standards of professional behavior and practice indispensable of social care workers as they go about their day-to-day work. In the meantime, the aim is to agree with the quality set in social care and ensure that workers identify the types of standards of conduct employers and clients along with the public expect and care…show more content…
In nursing home staffs has to stimulate the freedom of clients and helping them to understand and implement their rights, via well-known processes and procedures to challenge and notify about dangerous as well as abusive and discriminatory or unfair behavior and practice, subsequent practice and procedures intended to keep themselves as well as other people Safe from vicious and abusive behavior at work, by also bringing to the courtesy of their employer or the appropriate authority resource or operational troubles that might get in the means of the provision of safe care, notifying the employer or a suitable authority where the practice of colleagues may be unsafe or adversely affecting standards of care and acting in accordance with employers’ health and safety policies, alongside with those linking to substance abuse. As a social care worker, individual has to respect the rights of clients while seeking to ensure that their conduct does not harm themselves or other people, meanwhile this is done by acknowledging that clients have the right to take risks and assisting them to recognize and manage potential and actual risks to themselves and others, following risk assessment policies and procedures to evaluate whether the behavior of clients presents a risk of harm to themselves or

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