Essay On Codification Of English Language

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The codification of English language

English language is one of most famous languages in the world, but when it's start and how it's standardization and codification, we need to back in time in 450 AD which English language was not the language of England, Celtic was original language , but in early modern English (1450 -1750c) that was the time which English became national language, and the renaissance start, Shakespeare and literature have shown (Seargeant& Swann 50-51), in 1966 Haugen told us in his model that standardization of English language begin first selection, then codification also elaboration and implementation, but we will focus on second part of standardization that it's codification(68-69), we can define the codification as process aim to write grammars book and dictionaries to protect the language, generally it's focus in the general knowledge (Jetter& Kraaijenbran& Schroder& Wijnhoven 77) .

Before we go to the codification of English language we need to
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