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Coffee and Caffeine in a Healthy Diet

Coffee is a universally appreciated drink, and the habit of drinking it between hours or after each meal is absolutely ingrained between us.
This infusion contains caffeine , and both Eastern cultures (where they drink tea also with high caffeine content) and Westerners enjoy some type of drink containing this alkaloid.
After different studies, several positive effects on the organism have been verified by the moderate inclusion of this beverage in the daily diet.

Below we describe the effects of caffeine on our body.

Effects of Caffeine:

Stimulates the central nervous system. This is one of the most common and obvious effects after your intake, thus reducing the feeling of fatigue and fatigue as
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We can also compare the amount of caffeine that gives us a typical American cup of coffee (200 mg), compared to a can of cola drink containing 35-50 mg where the stimulating effect these drinks give us, comes not only from Caffeine but also its sugars.
Drinking coffee after an excessive intake of alcohol ... Many people drink coffee to eliminate the effects of a drunkenness, in an improper way since caffeine does not accelerate the process to metabolize the alcohol in the liver. A coffee will only supply necessary fluids to the body, since alcohol favors the diuresis (elimination of urine).
Here at this point it is convenient to clarify that the coffee along with other infusions, are part of the amount of liquids that we need daily. The myth about coffee dehydrating lacks scientific basis.
Recommendations to take into account:

Avoid adding cream, cream and whole milk to the coffee. Prefer skim milk to reduce the intake of calories and saturated fat.
Never replace a breakfast for several cups of coffee. The best fuel to start the day is food and not

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