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Using Coffee Grounds As Fertilizer
If you take coffee daily, you a have an excellent source of organics right at your fingertips. Therefore the next time you finish your cup of coffee, do not dump the grounds.
Coffee grounds are of great help in your garden. They may not offer a lot of oxygen to the soil, but they do add some organics to the soil, compost pile and can be used in various ways.
Coffee grounds has 2% of Nitrogen, which can not be beneficial to plants until it decomposes. When the coffee grounds breaks down the nitrogen levels in them acts as fertilizer.
Coffee grounds are quite nutritious. They offer small doses of essential nutrients like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and copper. Besides, they also provide calcium, zinc, manganese and iron –in very low levels, which rarely have an
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Benefits of coffee grounds in your garden.
1. Lowers the Soil pH
You can either put used coffee grounds in the compost pile or add them directly into the garden soil. Coffee grounds help to lower the soil PH by either balancing the alkaline soil or boosting acidity for crops that require a lower PH such as the hydrangeas.
2. Fertilize Plants
Using coffee grounds as fertilizer is an excellent idea since they provide nutrients such as nitrogen, magnesium and potassium to the soil. Supplement the soil with coffee grounds to improve the growth of plants that prefer acidic soils.
3. Discourages Pests
Since caffeine is poisonous to some pests like snails and slugs, they avoid areas with coffee grounds on the soil thus keeping the plants safe from such pests. What’s more coffee grounds helps to deter fire ants.
4. Feed the Worms
Contrast to slugs and snails, earthworms like coffee grounds. Using coffee grounds in the garden or in worm bins helps to aerate the soil, increases worms productivity and improves drainage.

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