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In nearly 5000 years of Chinese ancient history, a total of four warm periods and four cold periods.Four warm periods :Yangshao to the Shang Dynasty (3000 BC to 1100 BC). According to the Xi'an Banpo Yangshao ruins scientists (dating back 5600 years to 6080 years) and the Yin Ruins in Anyang Ruins (3000 to 4000 years ago) found in deer, bamboo rat, raccoon, buffalo, elephant and other warm-animal remains, Description Guanzhong Plain and the North China Plain in the warm and humid climate period. The annual average temperature higher than today 1 ℃ --2 ℃, the average January temperature is higher than today's 3 ℃ --5 ℃. (Xinggong K et al 2012) Period of the spring and Autumn period to the Western Han Dynasty (770 B. c.. From the "book of songs" to "historical records" are clear records of tropical crops than now North of the northern…show more content…
Zhu think, Gang Wang cultural sites in the first layer of cultural layer animal weight was significantly reduced, and the only love to cold and wet animal facilities. Confirmed that the current climate to cold.(Zhanghanbing B 1\3\2012) The Eastern Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms and Northern and Southern Dynasties (600 years earlier this year), cold climate began to invade China's vast land, as there is still reflected in the evidence of cold climate: Bohai Bay, in recent years, ice, Huaihe ice, the Yellow River in the season than it is now half the northern region of ten days.(Zhanghanbing B 1\3\2012) Two Song period (from 1200 to 1000), 10 - twelfth Century China's climate intensified to cold. In this period, Taihu frozen, Dongting mountain citrus all frozen. In "litchi town" of Fuzhou, because it was cold and other crops, that cold weather. According to scholars, to the beginning of thirteenth Century, China's climate and some warmer but time.(Zhanghanbing B

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