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Culture is all aspects of life, ideas and beliefs shared by individuals within a community or group of people. Culture context looks a how the individual that live in the community and how the culture can influence their behavior. There are five dimensions that affect how people communicate.

The first dimension, perhaps the most studied one is individualism-collectivism dimension. Individualistic cultures emphasis individual’s goal over group goals. Their social behavior is guided by their individual’s goal and stresses values that benefit the individual. (Triandis, 1995)

North America is found to be part of the individualistic culture. In a statistic, it was found that respondents from United States (US) were viewed the outcome from decision as less ethical, suggesting that individualism may affect the sensitivity towards ethical issues. (Beekun, Hamdy & Westerman, 2008) In another statistic finding (ITIM International, 2003), USA was found to score about 91 in individualism as compared to Vietnam 20.

Therefore, Vietnam is found to be collectivistic culture. (Kohl, 2007) Collectivism is described to have ‘we versus them’ kind of mentality where ones’ behavior is guided by their in-group goals. Likewise, once they have established themselves to be part
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We knew that Vietnam is a collectivist culture and they tend to follow a process-oriented approach to work and conflict. American managers will need to handle their facework management carefully. They will also need to recognize the different communication codes and engage in mutual face-saving and face-giving behavior. (Neuliep, 2012) Managers will need to match team capabilities and potential to goals based on team diversity. Vietnamese are considered high-risk taker and will not stay on the same job for too long, thus, managers must be able to match them to suitable job scope, as well as to reward employees accordingly to retain

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