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College Athletes Being Paid College athletes put in more hours than some careers, but should they be turning into employees of the school over students? Paying college athletes would result in a change of how they perform as students. When a college athlete goes to college, they are there primarily as athletes and put their degree on the back-burner. The athletes get their degree paid for by playing for the school. If college athletes were to receive payment, the money would most likely not be spread out evenly among the sports. College athletes can put as many as 60 hours a week at games and practices (Majerol 15). This causes the athletes to put less of a focus on their school work to focus on their athletics. Many of the top athletes never even finish their degree after playing for four years (Cooper 12-13). College athletes are encouraged to sign up for easier classes. They attend “independent study courses” that involve very little work to pass the class (Neuhauser 11). Coaches often have to add incentives for athletes attending class so they can maintain their grades to keep playing sports (Lewis and Williams 22). Many of the top athletes receive a full-ride scholarship or some sort of compensation to play. If the athletes are able to finish their degree, their career pay could be raised from $22,236 to $38,820 (Gerdy 8). Many …show more content…

Athletes would are (doesn’t make sense) there just to play sports and don’t care about their degree, it wouldn’t matter how they preform in school because they are being paid. Most athletes who are playing are already receiving some sort of compensation in scholarships and grants. College athletes are not employees in the eyes of the school, they are students who “just happen to be playing sports” (Cooper 12). College athletes put too much pressure on their athletic career, when they should put the pressure on getting a degree and a

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