Essay On College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Should college athletes be paid? I think they should. I found three main reason why other people and myself think that college athletes deserve pay. One, you can just pay the sports that produce the most revenue. Two, these student athletes put in lots of work and even sometimes have to miss class to go to the sports event. They have to put in work on and off the field of court. Three, the coaches and everybody else but the players are paid. These kids take time from their school work and personal things to get things done for their sports team and don’t get anything in return. “Nick Saban will make $11 million in the year of 2018 coaching the football team of Alabama University.” (www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/6778847/college-athletes-deserve-paid.) My first topic on why college athletes should be paid is, if not pay all the players, pay the football and …show more content…

Colleges are scouting or looking at kids from the age of ten years old. For March Madness (college basketball tournament) a student athlete would miss up to six days of class that they would have to make up later on, due to traveling and having to be with the team. Football player dedicate 43.3 hours of their own life to college sports. Whether it’s going to the weight room, film sessions, or just putting some type of work for the team. It is also more common for athletes who play football or basketball to go pro than in any other college sport. Athletes who play football or basketball are at a higher risk of career ending injuries. These two sports are the hardest on an athletes body. Only one out of twenty-five college athletes go pro, so why put your body at risk when you don’t receive anything for doing that and your chances of going pro are slim? A lot of these student athletes are stressed out because of schoolwork participating in a college sport. This is just another reason that these athletes deserve to be

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