Essay On College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Over the past few years the NCAA has been in the news for suspending players for illegal merchandising and benefiting from their likeness. This has kick started the argument that college athletes should be paid, some would argue that getting a scholarship is paying them enough. But the NCAA makes millions of dollars on player likeness every year and the players do not get a dime. It is the responsibility of the NCAA to provide a thorough education to subsidize athletes for their likeness that brings the university they play for millions of dollars per year.

NBA basketball player Shabazz Napier has had major success at every level of basketball. While he was in college he brought his UCONN basketball team a championship. After he was drafted
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Some say yes, many say no. They, in my opinion, should not be paid. They receive upwards of 600,000 in tuition and food and board prices. If this is not getting paid then I do not know what is. Kids who are given a free education and given an opportunity to succeed on and off the playing field are not in a position to argue that they are not compensated enough. The services they receive for free are well 1/2 a million dollars and that is payment…show more content…
This is because the athletes that come to the university are now a walking advertisement. If a school sends many multiple people pro in sports every year then they will be more likely to land the big name recruits and therefore the school will make money off of that player helping his team to a championship. These are all reasons why college athletes should be paid.

To conclude, college athletes deserve more. Yes they are given scholarships, yes they are given an opportunity to change their situation and their future. But, if put the numbers into perspective you see that they are only getting a fraction of what they deserve. They are grossly under compensated in comparison to the billions the NCAA brings in using their likeness every year. The athletes need to be paid for playing for universities. After all it is their choice to go there. They are giving schools chances at championships and they are getting nothing compared to what the monster that is the NCAA is
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