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Is The Cost of University to Excessive? College and universities are the final steps in someone’s educational journey. To go away to college is the dream, the American dream. College is where students find their future, to work for a degree, and to find out what they want to be, but at what cost? College is not cheap, a hefty fee is often payed by those who want to attend, often out of their own wallets. It is no secret that funding a college education is getting harder and harder. Thus begs the question, is the charge of Universities becoming too high? Yes, college costs have skyrocketed over the past decade (citation). Being capable of going off to a university to acquire an education is slipping for countless people due to the rising costs.…show more content…
These students have families that they need to support with better jobs, and in order to achieve those better jobs, the older students need to go back to school to earn the degrees that the jobs require. It is much easier said than done however. These older students who are trying to integrate back to school so they can help their families are unable to receive the job they need since the charge of the school is out of their reach. It is even harder for parents of new graduates to pay for college. The prices of schools in states “have skyrocketed in the last five years” (Citation). Parents across the nation have found it much harder to pay for their children’s education due to these rising costs. For example, in states like Arizona, Georgia, and Oklahoma “parents have seen a 77 percent increase in costs. In Georgia, it's 75 percent, and in Washington state, 70 percent” (citation). These rising costs would be especially challenging for young adults. Working for a college education is a challenge, and many cannot overcome it. For the reason that the costs are too high, masses of possible students are not even attending college or, if they do, they do not finish and cannot graduate, all in large as they cannot afford
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