Essay On College Education Should Not Be Free

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“College is supposed to help people achieve their dream, but more and more people paying for college actually push those dreams further and further out of reach. That is a betrayal of everything college is supposed to represent” (CNN Wire Service 1). These are the wise words of America’s leading Democrat running for presidency, Hilary Clinton. A college education is an essential thing to have to become a successful individual. An exceptional job is only obtained through a college education, but what happens to the brilliant people who cannot afford it? Are the people considered failures because they cannot possibly pay off all of the loans they will face? The United States of America is one of the wealthiest and most developed countries in the world and should figure out some type of plan to make college free. Many people disagree with a free college education, but America should make it free just as the founding fathers intended when American universities were first created because a free education does not diminish the value of education and education is a human right.…show more content…
A free college education in universities and community colleges will leave graduates debt free and fuel the economy. There are many people with more intelligent minds than students in Harvard, but students of Harvard have rich parents who can get them the best possible education. People would rather not go to college than face student loans their entire life. Making a college education free will not make a degree less valuable because the value of something does not just come from how much money it costs. If someone has a degree, regardless of how much they pay for it, it has the value of education itself. Another benefit of having more educated people is that they would be paying more taxes. People will receive higher paying jobs so the government will benefit by getting more
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