Essay On Transition From School To College

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Transitioning from high school to college was a big difference. Materials from high school was provided to all students free of charge. Students only needed to buy materials they needed; pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. While in college you're responsible for everything, either you're living on campus or not, it was your responsibility for all materials. I knew college was going to be expensive, but I never realized a simple history book would cost me $250, without tax. Rentals and used books was helpful but there wasn't much difference when it comes to prices.
My college experience has mostly been self-taught. I'm the type of person that's hands on. If I'm in class and all I'm doing is listening and writing notes down, it's not going to help me. Homework or class assignments usually help me because I'm having the informations processing in my head as I do them. I know it's surprising to hear a student ask for these but if it’s a way for me to learn, I'm down for it. The classes I've been taking in college have been easier compare to my high school. In high school students would wake up at 6am, have 6 classes back to back with 30 mins lunch break, have work or practice after school then study
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I’ve tried using flash cards, rewriting notes, reading notes 6x to having study groups. Honestly some study groups are unfocused and messy, while others are reliable and helpful. I tend to change course when it comes to the idea of group work. I just figured to learn the materials by doing one different method each day. If it got me to college, it’ll get me further in life. Finding the right time to study, sometimes work. I find break times in between classes and work are often used as study times. It might not be enough but it’s better than nothing, There are times where I would stay up all night and cram for a test. Not the best idea, coffee does help a little
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