Essay On College Tuition Should Be Free

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Have you all ever thought of how expensive university are? How much it cost to you even if it meant any college? Imagine saving the cost of tuition and fees for college and avoiding student loans and having to pay back loads of interest on them. Here you are paying thousands of dollars on an education on to get a career and pay back all you owe and more. How would it feel being able to attend a state college free of cost? Would the type of education be the same? I believe free college tuition should be provided and funded by the U.S. government because it will help students focus on their studies, and encourage them to work harder in school. Thus, many students, teachers, and people wonder if free college tuition should be granted.

If free college tuition was given, students would have more time to educate themselves, plus be well rested instead of being tired from time consuming jobs. Next, I believe free college tuition should be given because there are students from underprivileged families that work hard in school and deserve the opportunity for a college education. Also, if free college tuition was given, a number of students would be motivated to work harder and try in school to get
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Most students would finish their college education and this will eventually pay off because our country will have many intelligent, knowledgeable workers. Free college tuition will have many positive effects on our student’s studies and help with their financial situation. I believe students should be eligible to receive free college tuition for a plethora of reasons. Our country’s government will be investing in our future leaders, doctors, and educators who will make our country an even better place to live. It would give students all over the world a new opportunity to learn how to be successful later in life to those who take advantage of
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