Essay On Colleges Should Be Paid

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Attending a public college is very expensive, thus, it may be difficult for people to pay for. According to a recent survey, the College Board claims that a moderate college budget for an in-state public college for 2015-2016 academic year averaged $24,061(What’s). The prices for college vary by location and the type of degree a person is earning. Prices may also vary depending on what type of college someone is planning to attend, whether it is a private college, public college, in-state or out-of-state. People should be able to attend a college free of charge. In American society today, thirty five percent of job openings require at least a bachelor 's degree in college. By the year 2018, sixty percent of job openings will require a…show more content…
A person may apply for a student loan, financial aid, scholarships, etc(Alternatives). Although there is an abundant amount of options, not everyone may be qualified to receive one of these options. Therefore, they will not be able to attend college, making it hard for them to find a job that pays enough for one to take care of their family. It is coherent that colleges need money to pay for the essentials and the dorms. They also need money to pay the professors for working for them but, making someone pay for their education is not the way to do it. The prices for college are immense. People can simply pay taxes to cover the cost of college or the college can raise money by doing fundraisers or other activities. In conclusion, people should not have to pay to attend college and receive an education. College is said to be very expensive or unaffordable and, although there are alternatives used to pay for college, many people are not eligible for these alternatives. Without a college education, many people will find that getting a job will be very difficult. Instead of making people pay an outrageous amount of money, colleges should find other ways to help pay for the necessities. If the prices for college do not go away or diminish, the amount of people attending college will
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