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Driver distractions can contribute to lane departure crashes and collisions with other vehicles on the road, which may lead to serious injuries and deaths of individuals involved. The development of new technologies has allowed manufacturers to equip their vehicles with collision warning and avoidance systems in the areas of frontal, blind spot, and accidental lane departure collisions. These systems detect problems that a distracted driver may not spot, so they can aid distracted drivers in avoiding collisions, and injuries and deaths as a result.1 Frontal collision, blind spot monitoring, and lane departure warning systems use a combination of radars, lasers, and cameras to detect and process road markers and vehicles surrounding the vehicle…show more content…
Collision rates are reduced by 56% with the presence of both a frontal collision warning system and autonomous braking in vehicles.2 Lane departure and blind spot crashes can be reduced by approximately 28% with the addition of warning systems.3 Annually, an estimated 1.8 million collisions, including 150,000 collisions resulting in moderate-to-serious injuries and 10,000 fatal collisions, could be prevented or mitigated in the United States by these collision warning systems.1 A weakness with many current systems is that they are unable to detect objects, bikes, and pedestrians. The development of more advanced systems that can detect objects, bikes, and pedestrians could reduce another 80,000 collisions that result in moderate-to-serious injuries and 5,000 fatal collisions annually in the United

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