Essay On Colobus Monkeys

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Living and native to the forests of African, its home to hundreds of epidemic animal species, and supposedly no where else in the world. There are many species of the colobus monkeys all with their own appearance. There are three types of colobus the Black and white (genus Colobus), Red Colobus (genus Pillocolobus), and the Oliver colobus (genus Procolobus). The colobus monkey are consider part of the clarification of mammals, as most of the species an earth started. Colobus monkey spits off in the order of primate, as humans and apes and all monkeys, and prosimii, are part of that order. Colobus are considered the Old World monkey with the infraorder Cataarrhini. Furthermore, the Old World monkeys belong to the supper family Cercopithecoidea and family Cercipithecidaethere, and the subfamily Colobineae. Henceforth, colobus monkeys are considered old world monkeys of the genus colobus. The Pied include Black, Western pied, Angola pied, Geoffrey’s pied, and the Guereza. There are 5 (Five) species: • Black Colobus Santana Gabon black. Anthransis Brook black. Santana’s • Angola. Anolensis Sclater Angola. Angolenisis Powell-cotton angola Colobus-Cottoni Adolf…show more content…
In mix groups there are more females than males. Leaving bacharlar groups between 4 and 40 males when females are ready to reproduce, their genitals swell and will present them to the males to encourage mating. The female olive colobus will male with several males, producing just one off spring every two years. Infanticide (killing of infants) can occur, however the reason are not fully understood. The female will reproduce about every two years and have a gestation period of 5 to 6 months, with no specific time for
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