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Culture: Colombian culture is very similar to many other Latin American countries, with components of Colombian culture being traced back to Spain during 16th century and with the collision of the native civilizations at the time. With a few special elements that make it unique. Many aspects of Colombian culture were adopted from other ethnic groups throughout the ages and predominately during the 16th century. Various customs preformed today are seen as being very important when concerning Colombia’s national heritage. Fútbol is a uniting factor in Colombian society, despite the large gaps between the economic and social classes. Fútbol, which is considered the most popular sport in Colombia and is seen as an event where people from different social classes can come…show more content…
While the social structure mimics most Western social structures. The social structure is separated into six strata. Level one is lower-low, tow is low, three is upper-low, four is medium, five is medium-high and six which is high. While most Colombians tend to be clustered around strata one, two and three. The influence of pop culture is mainly situated around the music industry in Colombia while the arts retain their Colombian culture and heritage. The music industry can be divided into three main categories: traditional, modern and commercial. Traditional combines aspects of the culture and color of the region and represents Colombia as a whole. Modern is influenced by the worlds tendencies. It is common to hear song that express social messages and other world problems. Commercial consists of artists such as Shakira and Juanes, who make different types of music that express global messages and tendencies. Clothing styles in Colombia follow many of the trends displayed world-wide. During national festivals or other important events traditional Colombian fashions take center

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