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Humans have a need to bond with other people, it’s psychological. This bond is expressed in many aspects of society exemplified through the idea of love and marriage. We celebrate marriage through wedding ceremonies; every country and religion has its own traditions, rituals, and laws for this grand celebration. America is distinctive in that it was founded on its rich history of immigration, creating a melting pot of cultures and religions. Whether happening in a church or a courthouse room, American wedding ceremonies are based on rituals, folklore, and superstitions; these ceremonies give insight to how history has influenced American society by maintaining and creating cultural and social needs, as well as expressing gender and evolving gender social roles. Context The idea of love and the need for human bonding can be followed throughout history. The word ‘wedding’ comes from the old middle English word ‘wed’ meaning a pledge (The American). In colonial America, marriage did not happen in churches, as they often do now, but were strictly seen as a matter of property and reproduction, leaving the women with no rights but to obey her husband (“History).…show more content…
America is called the “melting pot of the world” for its rich history of immigration. This history created a country of people with distinct cultures, background, and religion that have influenced the traditions and values of collective American culture. Present times are also influencing American culture, for example the Obergefell V Hodges Supreme court case which influenced the change in legalizing gay marriage. Weddings are not immune to this influence; American weddings exemplify the unique and evolving blend of traditions and value. Weddings are full of unique culture and tradition anywhere in the world, but America is distinctive in the way that its history has created a cultural blend of traditions and

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