Essay On Colonialism

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How has colonialism affected our world through its own propagation of stereotypes? In today’s present, images of stereotypes are ubiquitous as they are distributed again and again by the media. The media in itself hands out these caricatures of colored women and men, while presenting complex shows of the white man. We see it in the three works of “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar, “The Danger of a Single Story” by Chimamanda Adichie, and “Pearl of the Orient” by The Jam Handy Organization. In this, stereotypes recur as an overall theme and its interaction with the “white man” or the oppressor. Images are disseminated through these different mediums of media and presented to us. Adichie gives different images of the “African” immigrant created by the white man through her speech. Her Caucasian roommate is surprised as Adichie contradicts the image of the “African” as Adichie fluently speaks English to the roommate…show more content…
Violence, criminalization, drugs, and other illegal acts are attributed to them as they are victims of manslaughter by the white police as stated by Lamar’s own lyrics and scenes presented in the video. Related yet different to these images is the “Filipino” portrait painted by Coca-Cola’s documentary made by The Jam Handy Organization. In this, an American voice narrates over scenes of Filipinos working in farms and for the company of Coca-Cola. The image given to the viewer is not of Manila’s buildings or modern technology but the scenic view of the province wherein people work in farms and rivers. The only other image added to this is the show of Filipinos working for Coca-Cola. In this the image of the Filipino being either agricultural laborers or employees of Coca-Cola, which is an international American company, is given. In this framing, there are only two options of what a Filipino could do in the Philippines as nothing else is expounded about the country
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