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Do you agree with August Wilson about Color Blind casting and it denying the humanity of those actors playing roles written for white actors in the American Theater?

I don't agree with August Wilson about color blind casting, since in acting many people with different cultural backgrounds undertake roles that sometimes do not fit with their cultural backgrounds. However, this is what attracts the audience to watch the different roles and characters that people take. Switching roles also created unique movies, since not everybody could have the unique imitations of such roles. For instance, Tyler Perry plays Madea in several of his theatrical sitcoms. The different role he plays makes the audience enjoy the character that he has taken. Ultimately,
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Stories would be more boring, in my opinion, since there needs to be a sort of uniqueness between different characters.

Notice that this article was published in 2004. Based on all of your information now and your own familiarity with pop culture, film, entertainment and the Arts, how do you feel we are different now 11 years later with respect to multiculturalism in the theatre, the Arts, entertainment, film and television, pop culture and most specifically with African American actors?

I think that we are different now than 11 years ago, since many people are watching and listening to several different celebrities that have different backgrounds. I think the evolution of social media has affected the ways we portray people. Society as a whole are focusing more about the artist or actor, than the race or other aspects associated with the artists or actors.

In 11 years how do we even feel about saying “African American” as opposed to “Black Actors”

We are more lenient on saying these things, since I think we look more about people's accomplishments, rather than who they are. Both terms have certain circumstances where they are appropriate. None of the terms are divisive to society, unless they are used in the wrong

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