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The Roman Colosseum is one of the most famous large scale stadiums ever developed. The Colosseum was built around 72 CE to 80 CE under the rein Caesar Vespasianus Augustus. And the structure officially began to use during games under Titus Vespasianus Augustus in 80 CE. (Picture 1) The stadium itself became a true inspiration for modern day design of the “stadium”. You can see this heavy in modern day society in which this design is mirrored over its many features that are iconic towards the stadium. (Picture 2) As you can see, the oval design of the exterior is something that is quite common in many modern day stadiums. Even the convex interior for the seating arrangement is noted in many designs of other stadiums around the world. The Colosseum…show more content…
It provided “cheap seats” towards these individuals. It was priced so low due to that fact that it was so far away from the arena center. Despite that it offered a fantastic view of the Italian capital city. But this kind of variable pricing is seen today with other amphitheatre like structures. It’s just an obvious design that the seats with the most appeal would cost the most in any event. This would happen in concerts, football games, or even the Olympia. (Picture 5) Currently, the Roman Colosseum main use is its tourism. A lot of people from around the world come and visit the structure. This kind of tourism really helps with the local economy. This was one of the main reasons that restoration efforts increase near modern day society. This kind of structure is really one of a kind that you would have to see in person. You can typically go on tours around the structure by tour guides in the facility. They will be able to take you throughout the structure and you would honestly be surprised at how massive it is in person. It is much bigger than some stadiums you have been to in your life. Since it was designed to house 50,000 people, you can kind of get an idea of
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