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Combinationalism developed as a response to the failure of other traditional tests for truth of a world view such as pragmatism, evidentialism, rationalism and experientialism. This failure of traditional tests for the truth of a worldview resulted in a shift in the search for a formidable, single solution, methodology to a combinational approach (Geisler, 2013). There are several approaches, that differ according to the number of factors included in the test. However, each view integrates some presupposed model or outline by which the whole experience can be perceived. And the means of testing the model usually comprises consistency, lucidity, factual adequacy and existential significance (Geisler, 2013). Combinationalists come…show more content…
From theses parallels we can draw several common emphases in combinational methodologies. First, combinationalists collectively agree that no one test for truth for instance, empirical adequacy, is an adequate test for truth. At the minimum, both facticity and rationality are essential, and existential or religious significance is often included as well. Truth tests must be logical and factual. Secondly, combinationalists usually make assumptions in their opening point. Reference points are highly important and are not self-justifying. One ends on the path on which she/he begins. Starting points are not neutral or natural; or, if they are, they must at least be justified. Surely, there are no demonstrable starting points either in pure reason or in formless sense experience (Groothuis, 2011).
Formal logic is hollow and sense experience alone needs structure or meaning. Thirdly, truth is built after a scientific hypothesis. Which means, the hypothesis suggested must be measured by reliability and its capacity to fit the facts of experience. If it lacks either reliability or factual adequacy, it is untrue. Finally, experience is not self-interpreting. An interpretive outline is paramount for meaning. Without assuming a world view there can be no meaning or truth. Ultimately, the very option of relevant discourse depends on
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