Essay On Coming Of Age Experience

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More than often we encounter a coming of age experience in our lives, whether we meet someone that changes our philosophical views and in result change our lives, or we endure traumatizing events that make us that much more stronger. Nonetheless we have all been through a coming of age experience and in most cases of our lives it is because of acts of rebellion. We rebel at very young ages when we want to test things for ourselves and touch a light bulb or stove when our parents have told us not to. We also, more commonly, rebel in our teenage years attempting to mature and begin to live our very own lives apart from our parents, siblings, and even peers. There are numerous books and essays regarding coming of age experiences where rebellion plays quite a significant role and, in most cases, is the main theme or reason behind the coming of age the main character or even the author (assuming it is a memoir) experienced. We all have or had an experience of a coming of age moment in our lives with rebellion and open-mindedness playing key roles because without defying the norm with what we think is right we can never truly mature. We mature from young girls or boys to women…show more content…
She struggled with having to battle with staying true to herself and her beliefs and with all that was going on things became hard for her. Satrapi also displayed a strong belief in God and a strong longing to be a Prophet at a young age and because of the Revolution her faith begins to dwindle down to much of nothing as she gets older. For example, in the book she literally tells God to get out of her life. “Shut up you! [God] Get out of my life!!! I never want to see you again!” (Satrapi 70). Her drastic change, from being so godly and wanting to be a prophet to telling God to get out her life, shows how she has matured her
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