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The commercial refrigeration is an essential part of several different locations. Because of their usage there is a variety of commercial refrigeration solutions available in the market. The commercial refrigeration is used in the restaurants in form of walk-in coolers. They are important because they ensure freshness and long life of the food products. Another popular commercial appliances used are the popular glass casing coolers. They not just store the products but also display the products for the customers. These appliances are essential because without them the food products and the drinks will not be stocked properly.
There are also open air appliances used for storing perishable items. There are several different styles and they can
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The appliances have to work around the clock so they should be maintained or they will consume a lot of electricity if it is not maintained properly. It is important to know how to solve some of the small troubles you may face. These small problems can be solved by yourself and the problem can be solved before it gets out of hand.
Here are some of the troubleshooting tips to handle the situations you may face.
If the appliances is completely dead and is not working at all then here are the things that you should do. If the appliance is plugged in a wall outlet then check that the ground and neutral are wired properly. If there is no power in the outlet, then the plug should be checked. Check to see if there is any broken wire or a loose connection. You can use a non-contact voltage detector to find any broken wire quickly. It can also tell you about any open connections. If there is an on and off switch, make sure it is switched on. Check the neutral wire and make sure it is good so the appliance works properly.
If the commercial appliance is freezing up then you should check the evaporator fan and make sure that it is running efficiently. You may need to melt the ice from the evaporator and keep the coil clean and make sure the drain line is clean. The pressures, temperatures, the superheat and the sub cooling should be checked as

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