Essay On Commitment

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Defining Commitment Words are never just words. Words can paint a world of wonder and fascination, and they can convey emotion and radiate energy and life beyond what we already know. With all this in mind, it boils down to what words really mean, and what they stand for. Commitment is yet another word, but is that all it is? Jean-Paul Sartre once said, “Commitment is an act, not a word”. This is perhaps the most accurate definition that could ever be said. Personally, I believe that commitment is an act that does not act alone; it is a fragment of a bigger picture that determines what the bigger picture will be. Every aspect of one’s life revolves around this mere word that forms a crucial aspect in all human life. It is a concept that molds who you are and determines who you will be. It is a concept that goes hand in hand with motivation, and goes toe to toe with discouragement. This is so, because like a melody of song is perceived as a whole, we never read words as just words but as parts that make up a whole. That is to say, commitment on its own is simply just a part of the bigger picture, like a sentence fragment, it cannot stand alone. To clarify what role commitment plays then, if it cannot stand alone, is rather simple; look at how it…show more content…
Commitment is a mother waking up at four in the morning to prepare her child’s meal before running off to catch the bus to the cannery. Commitment is the working man who gets up at two in the morning to go to work, and comes home at eight at night and still makes time to play with his child before rushing off to a second job. Commitment is a child that wakes up at three to do chores before going to school, and coming home and spending all night on homework. Commitment is a person who puts in all the time and effort to reach a goal even when the goal seems so far out of reach. Commitment is a person, it is an act; it is a thread of life that keeps people going despite all
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