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The common cold
Common colds are upper respiratory infections that are caused by more than 200 viruses. The common cold is spread either through direct contact from nose blowing or by inhaling the airborne virus after a person has sneezed or coughed. The cold virus can also live on objects for up to 1 day. The virus can also live on objects such as pens, books, phones, keyboards, cups, and toys. A healthy individual usually becomes ill after touching their eyes, nose, or mouth after coming in contact with an contaminated object. Symptoms of the common cold includes: sneezing running nose cough congestion headache sore throat loss of appetite mild fever
Although the common cold can typically last 7-14 days, there some complications to aware.
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Proper skin care is one of the most important treatments for diaper rash. To alleviate or shorten the duration of a diaper rash: diapers should be changed more often than normal the skin should be cleaned with plain water instead of wipes expose the affected area to air for a couple of hours apply zinc oxide to the affected area may also be…show more content…
Once the middle ear is infected, fluid builds up behind the eardrum and , as a result, the increased pressure causes pain. Ear infections are common infectious diseases of childhood that just so happens to be non contagious. Symptoms of an earache may include non verbal cues, holding, pulling, or tugging at the affected ear, irritability, and sudden screaming fits. For an earache that is not accompanied by a fever, simply monitor the condition for 1 to 2 days. If a fever is present, a course of antibiotics may be prescribed by a

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