Mistakes In TOEFL Writing

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Common Mistakes to Avoid in TOEFL Writing
TOEFL writing is the most challenging section for many students. This is where candidates lack and are not able score high in the TOEFL writing. In this article, the experts of LinguaSoft EduTech, have given a list of common mistakes that students make in the TOEFL writing task. We will also be telling how you can improve your writing skills for the TOEFL test.
Copying the Text:- The essay writing section of the TOEFL is an “integrated task”, which means it not only test the writing skills but also listening and reading skills. Before you get started with writing an essay, do not forget to read a text that introduces a topic. Some candidates make a mistake of copying the text. It should not be
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That is why they end up writing same type of sentences over again. If your essay uses the same sentence structures repeatedly, you are likely to get a lower score because it gives examiner an impression that you don’t know any other structures. To receive a high score, you need to be able to write different types of sentences, using various grammatical constructions.
Writing too much: - Some students have the terrible idea that if they write more than 500 words, they will get a high score. This is not the case. Always remember, a short well-presented essay with fewer mistakes is likely to bring you high scores than a long essay full of mistakes. Also be careful that you do not need to write more than four hundred words to get a good score.
Not Using Personal Examples: - Supporting your ideas or reasons with personal examples are a great way to get a high score in TOEFL writing. Quoting personal examples or experiences is not necessary, but if you do, you will get scores. Personal examples involve verb tenses and simple sentence
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Developing a range of vocabulary would help you not fall short of words while writing.
• Proofread the content: - Saving some time for proofreading helps you correct grammatical and spelling mistakes. Re-read your essay at least two times. If possible, read it aloud. It will help you remove big mistakes from your content.
• Do not repeat:- Repetition or words or sentences can kill the attractiveness of your essay. We suggest you not to repeat same words or sentences again. Instead, you can use synonyms of the words.
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