Essay On Conservatism

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Winston Churchill beautifully explained the making and breaking of a liberal in just a few words: “If you are young, and not liberal, then you don’t have a heart. If you are old, and not conservative, then you don’t have a brain.” In other words Churchill correlated liberalism (and, conservatism) with intellect: the wiser you get, the less liberal you become. The outcry by a section of our country’s liberals (a.k.a. progressives a.k.a seculars), some more popularly known as the “civil society”, over the removal of statue from the Supreme Court is a testament to words said half a century back by the British statesman. This group of people, with their special access to the front page of newspapers and talk-shows o. The television channels failed…show more content…
There is no art and definitely no compromise in this play of politics. Thus, the lesser a society associate with such fighting the better it is for their wellbeing. The naked irony of the matter is common sense is very common to commoners and for the exceptional few, common sense feeds boredom. This brand of belief eventually led the fall of most Left movements in Bangladesh and elsewhere; their revolutionary misadventures eventually cost of them their political capital, that being, people’s support. They, too like their progressives peers, invested on issues people in general just couldn't care less. Their failure to grasp the wishes of the people and feel it's pulse, cornered them behind the shelter of a perverse ideology, that seldom makes sense. Years of unnecessary self-victimization and vested personal interests made them immune to cherish Liberalism, Progressivism, or Secularism, at its core. This intellectual vacuum jeopardizes the sociopolitical dynamics, we ought to preserve in our state’s affairs. This threatens the very future of the who nation as political science tells us corrosions on the Left, more often than not, transcends the extremists far Right; a result none of us wish upon
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