Essay On Communication Skills

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Introduction: The process of communicating successfully with our family, friends, co-workers, business associates and people is one of the most critical skills. Communication is such a key part of life that I often tell to a person that “Its no use of someone if he/she really don’t know by associates people in their work place or area of field”. Communication makes us to be known of others, good or bad that depends on usability of a person communication. And, it is up to each of us to learn to communicate well with those who are important to us. Our body language and non-verbal hints such as eye contact or the lack of it. Our highlighting the positive and negative aspects of our communication styles, skills and effectiveness we all experience when we communicate. In this report, we will study and observe that how effectively communication skills can improve with the example/inspiration taking from a…show more content…
She is equally skill to deals in casual or informal, formal and public communication. She know how to link quickly and effectively, to develop a good and strong relationships with others, on the other hand no one is perfect. She has some problems of yell, this is because of passion or may be anger, whatever the reason I suggest her that try to build some patience to solve this problem. Like other skills, communication skill also refine with practice. This can be improved with experience and practice over time. This will help to communicate in different situation. As a leader from one person to hundred persons (live or on TV, radio, internet) are watching or listening, it’s very difficult to stand in each of them expectation. Because each of them have their own perception about your speaking. So you must developed negotiation skill in vast sense in term to win a situation and make sure that you know your bottom line.
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