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The strength of advance communication technology has impressive effect in our lives and has added a new way to the people to interact with each other. The type of relationship that people make have massive affect by different kind of modern technology. Evidently, the current trend which bring positive and negative outcomes. So adopting it and learning on how to use technology in our daily practice because it help us to accomplish specific task in our lives. Technology is highly important and recommended because it is nearly every part our lives and business composition. Therefore, people should be prudent enough to use technology in the correct way while giving main concern to have real and genuine relationships.

Technology don’t really happen
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One of the field were affected by arrival of technology is the way of interaction and communication. There are several improvements in life because of the positive effect of technology. Human life have become more convenient with the internet we can shop and work dwelling our house without going anywhere. With the help of telecommunication and electronic mails it gives a chance to get along with each other. For example, most teenagers talk to their friend via Facebook, WhatsApp or others using video call, voice messenger. Internet can be used whether by offline ways like e-mail or by online like chatting. People rely on these technologies to connect themselves with their family, friends and colleagues because of the effectiveness and low cost for communication. Using communication technology enhance us to make friends beyond our borders and we get to share and learn about cultures and customs of other nations. This is a positive development to connect us to our family and friends who is in abroad and gives a chance to share our feelings to them. There was an article in an indian newspaper “The Hindustan Times” saying that communication technology is a blessing to mankind as our network among people is improved. For example, our smart phone device we can acknowledge our friends and family across the globe with various other networking applications. With the proper knowledge and guidance we can gain maximum benefit by
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