Essay On Community College Should Be Free

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Many people would like to experience the college life from either a four-year university or a community college. Many students are eligible for attend a four-year university and attend the university with scholarships. Some students attend community college from not being to afford a four-year university. Everyone should have some college experience and many feel that community college should be free for those that are responsible enough to attend college. Many say that the government should pay for student’s tuition for community colleges. The government should pay for responsible student’s tuition. The government should provide free tuition for responsible students because many students struggle to pay for college and there are students that are responsible enough to receive free tuition.
President Barack Obama has talked about providing free tuition for community colleges. There will be many students who will take advantage if his plan for community colleges providing free tuition.
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Many college students go through debt every year, is increasing throughout the years, and does not seem to be lowering. The purpose of providing free college tuition for adults is to lower the amount of college debt in the United States and for people to expand their knowledge and experience. Since the free tuition will allow any U.S. citizen to attend a community college they will most likely enhance their knowledge that they learn from their courses. Since they receive some college experience, they will be able to receive a better income form many jobs and increase their chances of receiving a job. This could be beneficial for people that need to gain more experience for a better job or a higher rank in their work. The responsible students that receive free tuition are able to receive a better job from able to maintain their grades and are able do schedule their time
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