Essay On Community Development

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Introduction The local religious organisations have been involved in community development for many years by carrying out upliftment programmes at community level. Many religious organisations though have been limited to evangelism, teaching and discipleship, however many of these organisations have now started to include development programmes not just relief. Development is seen as part of the religion’s mission. Coetzee et al (2001: 120) notes that development is “a form of social change that will lead to progress, the process of enlarging people’s choices, acquiring knowledge and having access to resources for a decent standard of living, and a condition of moving from worse to better”(Coetzee, Graaff, Hendricks, & Wood, 2001). Similarly, Korten (1990) cited in Adjibodou (nd) sees development as “a process by which the members of a society increase their personal and institutional capacities to mobilize and manage resources to produce sustainable and justly distributed improvement in their quality of life, consistent with their own aspiration” (Adjibodou, nd, p. 2), hence they protect and defend the weak, maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.…show more content…
When people are able to define their needs, reflect on the current situation and have priorities then will the people as a group create self-development programmes that are unique to their needs (Samuel & Sugden, 1987, p. 218). Faith-based development cooperation is about the relationships with people. It focuses on the people’s relationship with others and the environment. It enables people to stand on their own two feet, take responsibility, and work to achieve better living conditions, greater justice, and a healthy natural environment. Religion based development programmes aim to enable the poor to become agents of their own destiny and creating social
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