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A community garden can decrease crime, hunger, and blight all around the state of South
Carolina. The biggest purpose of a community garden is to make one for people who can not afford to have a garden. To make more community gardens, people can turn broken down buildings into gardens. They can also find a field land and put a community garden on it. They could make one. A community garden can also be placed where there were crime attacks.
In South Carolina, there have been people below the poverty level in 2015. In Aiken county, 20.2% of people are in poverty. In the whole South Carolina state, there are 21.7% of people in poverty. These statistics are the male and female adults that are in poverty. The adult poverty statistics are shocking. However, children in
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According to FBI’s uniform crime report, “There have been more than 3,000 crimes in South Carolina.” Community gardens have a big impact on those crimes. One of those impacts is stealing. When a garden is growing food, it is tempting for people to steal the food that garden has. A solution to this problem is people can grow a community garden where everyone can get what they need, and that will cause people to be less tempting to steal food.
A community garden is a great way to help reduce blight. There are a lot of places in
South Carolina that people have abandoned or have been abandoned for a very long time. Out of those abandoned places, a community garden can be made. Whenever there are abandoned places, the properties of those buildings look sad. By planting a community garden, it could make the buildings look welcoming. Also, when a community garden is placed where places looked sad, it could help people who do not have any food get food, so they would not starve, and that is another big impact that a community garden can have on a person and the environment. A community garden does not have to be planted just help people. A community
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