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Introduction: Climate change is a major global phenomenon that has a significant impact on the resources ad is a key concern for India. It is likely to threaten food security, increase the stress regrading waters resources and the rising sea level will add to the disaster and lead to the occurrence of vector related disease like malaria, and lack of resources since majority of the people in the country depend resources in climate sensitive sectors like agriculture, forestry and fisheries for their livelihood. Therefore it is important that capacities are built in communities to deal with the disaster and are able to build resilience to face the situation. Indian is mainly an agrarian economy and depends on rainfall for a good harvest. There are large tracts of arid regions and the state of Rajasthan falls in this zone which faces acute shortage of water and faces one of the most severe…show more content…
Colletta and Perkins (1995) illustrate various forms of community participation: (a) research and data collection; (b) dialogue with policymakers; (c) school management; (d) curriculum design; (e) development of learning materials; and (f) school construction. Thus the above findings state that it is important that the community is involved in any relief activity because they will be best able to identify the most vulnerable region and through community participation we can arrive at practices and measures that are suitable to the community and not implement any model that exist but design and implement as it will lead to a sense of ownership and belonging and the community will be able to participate effectively in the process. This can be done in consultation with the various stake holders in the community and also policies can be drafted which could be included in the state or district

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