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Background Research/Literature Review Paige Lampman, Timothy Berridge, Emily Huber A composite face is a face made up of multiple real faces layered together to make a new face, the composite face, that is symmetrical. The symmetricality of a composite face adds appeal and attractiveness to a person’s face. It is basically an average of all of the faces layered, it blurs out the abnormalities and asymmetries into being a much more symmetrical and average face. In order to make a composite face, you must overlap slightly opaque pictures which will layer on top of one another to basically average out the image. This can be done on (Science Buddies), but you must follow their informed consent guidelines if you wish to do so. It can also be completed on multiple software applications on a Mac computer such as, Photoshop or Illustrator. The difference between a composite face and a real face is that a real face is one that actually exists or has existed on a human body, it has no alterations to it whatsoever. A composite is multiple real faces placed together to create a new…show more content…
The Chi-Square test tests our null-hypothesis, composite faces are not more attractive that real faces and that the symmetricality of a composite face does not make it any more attractive that a real face.We will get that data for our Chi-Square test to test by creating slips of paper with two sets of pictures. One set will be of three real females and a composite face of their three faces, and the other will be three males and a composite face of their three faces. We will give those papers to 100 high school students, 50 girls and 50 boys, and record the results for which they thought were most attractive for the tests and conclude whether or not composite faces are more attractive, or if there is no true difference in the attractiveness between composite and real

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