Essay On Comprehensive Sex Education

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David Bruner
April 27, 2017
PSY 261

The argument between abstinence-only sex-ed and comprehensive sex-ed is a very controversial one. Many parents and caregivers want the best for their children, but their best intentions don’t always turn out to be the smartest or safest. Most parents still see their children as naïve and obedient, therefore they think their children will listen to everything they say. This often results in the parent or guardian telling the adolescent to practice abstinence and the teen, like most teenagers do, does the exact opposite.
Abstinence-only sexual education teaches adolescents and teenagers that the only safe sex is no sex. Many abstinence-only programs claim that refraining from sex until marriage shows
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Comprehensive sex-ed often teaches adolescents that sex is natural and healthy while also letting students know that abstinence is the only way completely avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Comprehensive sex-ed programs tend to discuss several contraceptives and the correct, responsible way to use them while letting students know that they do not completely stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. These specific programs also take several types of relationships into account, discussing married couples and teen relationships. Comprehensive sexual education provides accurate information and statistics about STDs and STIs while telling students that some are completely treatable if seen by a doctor. Girls and boys are also informed of several options given to them if and when an unwanted pregnancy occurs including carrying the baby to full term, giving the baby up for adoption, and abortions. These courses also help students understand everyone has urges, and religion may help them on their decision of practicing safe sex, or refraining from sex until they’re
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