Compressed Air Vehicles Essay

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Abstract— Now a days, the vehicles are known for producing a large amount of harmful gases like CO2, SO2 etc. which act as the major source for global warming and are also reason for environmental pollution. So, research is going on to find a vehicle which does not pollute the environment. Compressed air is one of the best solutions to reduce the global warming and environmental pollution. The compressed air is used as a fuel in the vehicle which is easily available in nature and also it is very economical. So in this paper, an effort is made to study various types of compressed air vehicles and also by using slider crank mechanism driving those vehicles.
Keywords— Global Warming, Alternatine Fuel, Compressed Air, Inversion Of Slider Crank
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B. S. Patel tried to develop a compressed air engine by modifying a 4-stroke, single cylinder SI engine by replacing the spark plug with a pulsed pressure valve, and using compressed air as the working fluid. “Research by MDI shows that an Air Powered Car can travel 171 km by using electricity costing about Rs. 80-100 which would cost about Rs. 570 for a normal S.I. engine car giving an average of 15 kmpl” The working of the engine is explained theoretically below. To convert a conventional IC engine into an Air Powered one, replace the spark plug with a pulsed pressure control valve which can create required pressure. A PLC circuit would be used to control the flow of electrical supply to the plunger which will help in controlling the pulse air firing in the valve, hence giving control over speed of engine. Now fuel tank is to be replaced with air vessel, as it requires pressurized air as input. And two things are to be taken care while designing air vessel: 1) First is its strength to withstand high internal pressure, which exists due to compressed air. For this outer body of it should be made of a material, having high strength, like carbon fiber. 2) Secondly, we replace the cam with a modified cam which helps in opening and closing an outlet valves at a same time, hence increasing efficiency. This in turn converts our 4-stroke engine into 2-stroke engine giving us operational benefits.

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