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Compression garments are garments like socks, pantyhose, sleeves etc that gives support for individuals suffering from vein problems with poor blood circulation. Compression garments worn on the legs can help avert profound vein thrombosis and lessen swelling, particularly while travelling. The history of compression therapy began around 450 B.C. when Hippocrates, a famous Greek physician first mentioned various bandaging techniques in his Corpus Hippocratic [1]. After that various compression gears developed like an adhesive bandage was mentioned for the first time in the mediciofficina [2]. William Harvey discovered the blood circulation, the function of the venous valves and the calf muscle pump. The concept of CT changed enormously in…show more content…
Compression garments are used to apply pressure on human limbs for scar management, venous and lymphatic problems, bone and muscle injury, and post cosmetic surgery eye. Pressure garments are produced from elastic knitted structures which extend on wearing and remains in stretched state continuously applying pressure on the human body. As they are worn next to skin so their comfort properties are very important. There are some problems associated with compression garments which as the compression garments are too difficult to put on and take off also they are too hot on the legs especially during the summer or in warmer climates. They are uncomfortable to wear as they are too tight and carries less breathability. The stockings slip and cause wrinkles and can make the skin dry and itchy. Compression garments if worn by the patients having wounds chance of infection is more To reduce these problems medical compression garments are finished by chemical finishing as well as herbal finishing but herbs eliminate some drawbacks of chemicals and also contain properties like antimicrobial, anti-allergic, cooling etc. The herbs are applied on compression stockings by dip and dry

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