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Compression sleeve for heel spurs The heel bone or calcaneus bone which is the largest bone in the foot experience an abnormal growth is a scenario where heel spurs occur. The area where the plantar fascia pulls away from the heel, form calcium deposit. This situation is common to those who are flat footed but in some cases, a person with high arches experience heel spurs. In most cases, a heel spur measures quarter of an inch in length that makes it not visible to the naked eye. While plantar fasciitis, pain, and inflammation from the heel and across the bottom of the foot, are often associated with heel spurs they are not always connected even both cause pain and discomfort in the foot. Heel spurs in some cases do not have symptoms or do not even cause any pain to a person but it is common for other cases that heel spurs cause chronic or intermittent pain. Oftentimes it will get worse if a person involves in constant walking, jogging or running activities. Inflammation will…show more content…
The compression sleeve is low-cost compared to other treatment options. Compression sleeves common complaints are improver fit that the apparel is either too loose or too tight that cause tenderness on the part of the foot. It is advisable to get the accurate measurement before buying the product to avoid the kind of scenario, having correct measurement can maximize the benefits of compression sleeves. Compression sleeves can be worn at night instead of wearing ordinary socks to warm up the foot. It is also convenient to wear under normal foot apparel like socks, stockings, tights or pantyhose. It is recommended to look for compression sleeves that made from moisture-absorbing material to avoid odor and athlete's foot and choose compression sleeves that have good feedback from the user and is known for best wearability and
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