Essay On Computer Advantages And Disadvantages

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The tablet computer has made enormous strides in the last few years. Thanks to popular tablets like the iPad*, the thin, touchscreen-operated computers have become the weapon of choice for many computer users as they offer a great experience when browsing the web or using one of thousands of specialized apps. Advantages for having a tablet computer is that it is lightweight. It often weigh about 1/3 the weight of a standard laptop, so the physical strain of carrying a lightweight tablet is far less. Besides that, it is also portable which the screen size on a tablet device is around 7 – 10 inches which means they easily fit in to most backpacks, carry bags, or briefcases. Next, it is easy web browsing. It normally starts up fast and portability combine to make the tablet a first choice for quick web browsing, especially for when away from home and office. Disadvantages for having a tablet computer is that there is lack of physical keyboard. The touch screen keyboard is OK for web browsing or using apps, but does making it quite painful to type emails or text documents after a period of time. In addition, it cannot be typed fast like how we…show more content…
In the report, tablets have more of advantages than disadvantages for a traveling salesperson. It is a better choice for traveling salesperson to have a tablet with them rather than a laptop. Salesperson who have a hard time adopting the tablet will have difficulty in having the laptop. It is much more convenient to have a lightweight tablet than a heavyweight laptop. Tablet computer can saved lots of salesperson’s time and be environmentally – friendly as paper is no needed to be used. Even though the tablet computer are rather expensive than the laptop, but its benefit of a tablet computer is worth for a traveling

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