Essay On Computer And Technology

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We already know that the computers dominate the world; we the humans create them to help us with our lifes, because is easier to consult information, ESPECIFIC INFORMATION about a theme that we really want to know about it, in the fast way of our computer, without the searching in a book that we probably are gonna spend all the day looking for the right one, that doesn’t hear good, does it?, that’s why we invented a device to make life easier, also to talk with friends and family, because people that we really want to have contact with, and is far away from us we can use the computer to talk even to see them through the screen in from the comfortable way of our house, but to be honest right now, in my personal opinion, I don’t have a cell phone because, there was a day when I was thinking that they wasn’t good, not because they aren’t helpful, is because they are addictive, and I was depending of it so much getting a time where
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