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Inappropriate location - The location of your computer/laptop may cause it to overheat. Even if the cooling fans of the computer/laptop are working properly, it can still overheat if it is placed in a hot temperature. This can be when you don’t have proper ventilation in the room where it is kept or are using your laptop in a car, beside a fireplace or outside in sunlight. The effect of exterior conditions on your computer/laptop can be dire and cause such problems. Part 4: 10 Ways on How to Do When Computer Overheats
Computer overheating problem is associated with poor ventilation and cooling issues. If you are suffering from computer overheating problem, the first step is to identify the cause and then take appropriate steps to solve it.
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A knowledgeable person will never miss the signs and will take proper actions to solve the computer overheating problem. If you want to know the warning signs of the computer or laptop overheating problem, read below-
Meet the blue screen - When a computer starts to overheat, its performance and functioning will degrade. This will continue to the points where it will start showing a blue screen. Frequent blue screen errors are a clear-cut indicator of something being wrong with your machine and you should check the source of error. If your computer shows blue screen due to overheating, give heed to the warning and find an appropriate solution to it. Frequent reboots or shutdowns - A computer that is experiencing overheating problem will randomly shut down or reboots for a few minutes until it is cooled. It is because taking appropriate measures to protect the system from computer overheating. Every computer has a sensor that measures the CPU temperature and if the temperature passes a certain limit, it will put the computer in shut down mode. This will keep happening until you solve the overheating issue. So if you are experiencing computer shut down the problem, it may be due to

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